Friday 29 December 2006

My Backyard.

Typical of the roads we travelled on, and I sure do miss this countryside.

Swimming with the Crocs.

These guys were enjoying a swim in the crocodile infested river during the wet season. Not sure whether they were brave or just plain stupid.....

Pre Storm.

I was fascinated by this cloud formation prior to a storm in the wet season. This was captured in the Northern Territory near the Tanami Desert.

Wednesday 27 December 2006

Sunday 17 December 2006

Tanami Desert Sunrise.

Just 600 kilometres to the west, the sun is rising over the Indian Ocean.


This photo is one of the first close ups I took.

Wet Season Dawn

The wet roads, and the clouds were a common sight in the Northern Territory wet season. It was also gloriously warm!

Saturday 16 December 2006


Main Road.

This was the main road to one of the communities during the wet season in the Northern Territory. We were cut off by road for almost five months. There was an air service three times a week, that is, if there were no storms about and that the airstrip wasn't under water.

Friday 15 December 2006

Outback Sunset.

This is from my backyard in the Northern Territory, Australia.

A Nice Cold Beer.

I found these frogs sitting above the beer 'fridge in a pub in the middle of the Australian outback.

Friday 8 December 2006

W.A Sunset.

A view from our motel in a place called Kunanarra in Western Australia. Just after this was taken, the sky turned black with thousands of bats on their nightly raid.

Back To Basics.

These Aboriginal kids had come to see a relative being evacuated out by the Flying Doctor Service. It was very common to see the kids running around naked, but they were always clothed when they visited us or the shop.


These kids are from an Aboriginal community close to the Tanami Desert.

Late Snow.

This is a few kilometres down the road from the previous photo. This was Oct/Nov, and a new lot of snow had been dumped overnight.

The Wine Industry.

A lot of farms in this area are being turned into vineyards. I think it's a blot on the landscape, but, I'm not the poor farmer trying to make a living!

Tuesday 5 December 2006

Low Tide

Another from Cossack in Western Australia.

Early Morning

The lovely red hills of Western Australia.

Flying Doctor Service

The kids on the communities use to love watching the plane come in, the look on their faces if it was the first time they'd seen one was priceless.

All Weather Taxi

A great way to keep your feet dry in the wet season, on a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory, Australia.