Monday 26 October 2009


This little hut is on the top of quite a high ridge just up the road from here. The cabbage tree is magnificent.

Windy Ridge.

I've been admiring these trees + rocky hill side for ages, but the weather had always been wet, windy + dismal each time we'd driven past.

Monday 19 October 2009

Sunday 11 October 2009

The Lookout...

Boyd decided lying on the wood shed roof was the place to be while I was splitting some wood.

Family Picnic.

These guys are enjoying the first dry, warmer morning in weeks.

Friday 9 October 2009

This Morning.

They're forecasting snow for later today.......

Tuesday 6 October 2009


This is one I took a couple of months ago, the weather has been absolute *^&%$# ! and not able to get out + photograph anything!

Thursday 1 October 2009


....... will ya look at that thing coming up over the hill!!

Recovery Road.

Alfie's really enjoying being out + about again.

Sunshine, At Last!