Tuesday 31 August 2010

Reading's Heavy Work.....

....... especially if you're a red cat!

Thursday 19 August 2010

Morning Light.

This is the view that greeted us on the way home from work this morning. There is a rainbow lurking, but it may be more visible in the pic below.


I can't decide whether I like this view better than the previous one.

Sunday 15 August 2010

Boyd's Bored.

Exuberant Boyd on a wet day ........ he's climbed under the mat we put our gumboots on at the back door.

Sunday 8 August 2010

Back Soon......

Gecko has a bad dose of the flu at present, and looks like it may be around for a bit longer .......

Monday 2 August 2010

Warts and All.

This is another section of the old log.