Sunday 25 February 2007


This web (on the clothesline) was captured awhile ago with my old camera. It's amazing how wide the web spacings are, I also wonder what it hoped to catch.


I took the nozzle off one of the irrigation uprights, turned the water on so there was a bit of pressure and set the camera on to a fast shutter speed. I was quite pleased with the result.

Warm and Dusty.

This is a bottle of white wine in the rack with the sun shining on it.... hmmmm, must move the rack! The dust gives it an "aged" look.

Picton Seats.

I found these seats and murals in a little sea side park up in Picton, top of the Sth Island.

Friday 16 February 2007

Ice in a Puddle.

Me and My Shadow.

The bug will remain nameless, as I have no idea what it's called! This was captured late in the afternoon on the shed wall, I was fascinated with how hairy (is this some kind of sensory system?) it is and the wonderful shadow.

Plain Old Garden Snail.


Monarchs have always fascinated me, especially since they disappear over winter, here is some intersting info

Saturday 10 February 2007

Spider Geometry.

heaps of fascinating stuff on spider webs here:

?Mantis in the Shade.

This little fella is extremely camera shy! Everytime I go out to try and capture him (I'm a couple of metres away), he hides under one of the grape leaves......

Cicada Skin.

some interesting info on cicadas here