Monday 30 October 2017

Outback Cattlemen.

These are some tough, resourceful, hard working gentlemen who enjoy catching up with their neighbours who are often 100 or more kilometres away.

Saturday 28 October 2017


These beauties are often mistaken for the yellow crested cockatoos, but are just as noisy.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Water Dish Frog.

The cat was a little miffed he had to share the water with the tree frog.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Outback Rodeo 2.

There's a lot of skill involved with using a lasso, and it comes in handy when it's time to muster their cattle in the outback.

Monday 23 October 2017

Outback Rodeo1.

Great afternoon and it was interesting watching the skill of the riders.

Sunday 22 October 2017

Tropical Rain.

So much water and so warm.

Saturday 21 October 2017

A Few Puppies.

These delightful pups looked as if they were looking for ways to escape the ute and into some trouble.

Thursday 19 October 2017

Lorikeet Clean Up.

Agile little creatures.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Breakfast For Wedgetail Eagle.

I was about 80m away, and so delighted to have come across this beautiful bird.

Sunday 15 October 2017

Emu Gathering.

It was late afternoon and we were heading home when we came across this lot.

Friday 13 October 2017

Black Cockatoos.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any closer, they don't hang around when they see or hear humans.

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Lorikeet Couple.

Lorikeets are very affectionate, very entertaining and extremely noisy.

Monday 9 October 2017

Shocked Noisy Miner.

I love the expressions of both these birds. The smaller one was flapping around frantically trying to get out of the dish.

Friday 6 October 2017

Outback Dreams.

This is a photo I took a few years ago when I was working in the outback. I'm sure this place has had some interesting times.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Calf Stopper.

Kids do come in handy when you want the calves to stay put while picking up the next one.

Sunday 1 October 2017

Patchwork Wall.

Good old corrugated iron, comes in handy for all sorts of things.