Wednesday 11 October 2017

Lorikeet Couple.

Lorikeets are very affectionate, very entertaining and extremely noisy.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

It's interesting that, from your photo anyway, the two seem to have exactly the same markings. Is that unusual in male/female birds? Or are they a same-sex couple??

Gecko said...

Neither of us have noticed any difference in the markings on any of the couples we have seen. I guess it's fair to say I just assumed they were male and female.

KG said...

'How do you tell a female and a male rainbow lorikeet apart?
You can't. Both male and female rainbow lorikeets are identical, with deep blue heads and stomachs, orange and yellow coloured breasts, and green wings, back and tail.
A zoologist could tell by the spacing of the pelvic bones - females' would be wider. But there is nothing in their physical appearance to help differentiate between the sexes....'