Sunday, 12 August 2007

Palm Island, Queensland.

This is a photo I took some years ago as the sun went down over the outer Islands of Palm Island in Northern Queensland. I had a very small film camera then and have had to scan this to disc, sadly, some of the quality has been lost.


Rita Loca said...

Very tranquil. I know what it is like to scan a foto and feel like it does not do justice. so many of our jungle fotos are pre- digital days.

Anonymous said...

Gecko, it's stunningly beautiful. There was a guy working in Utah when we were there who made his photos unique by developing a process of very slow exposure. He was selling his large original paintings for a couple thousand dollars each. He was positioned in a small town at the entrance of a large, spectacular national park (where he took many of the pics) which attracted a lot of wealthy Europeans and Americans. His gallery was always full of admiring potential customers. I saw his wife sell a couple of the more expensive ones during my visits there. He had prints as well.

Anonymous said... that should read, large original photographs :)

Gecko said...

jm, It is such a shame, I think these days the scanners are heaps better and more "user friendly".

aurora, If I can sell these few I've had enlarged, then I'll look at setting up a wee business.

Thank you both for your comments. If either of you want any one of my photos, I'll email you the larger sized version.