Friday, 28 March 2008


This is a native NZ bird, found in the Sth Island. This fella was happy to pose for a photo as long as we fed him/her chocolate sultanas!


MathewK said...

Do not feed the animals! LOL my only memory of feeding animals was back in Africa, we went somewhere many moons ago and at this place there were a lot of monkeys, at the time we didn't know about these little bastards.

Anyway the old man decides to open a packet of chips, big mistake, bloody monkeys from all directions, he had to cram as many as he could in his mouth and he ended up throwing the rest over the side of a hill. Three of them sailed over the edge after the packet and the rest went after other tourists.

Fortunately for them it wasn't a sheer drop into the ocean or something.

KG said...

Not a fan of monkeys--I once saw a troop of baboons tear a lovely black Labrador to bits.
Shoot on sight!

Gecko said...

I'm not a fan of monkeys either! At least there's no chance of being mugged by Wekas!