Thursday, 30 December 2010

Back Blocks of Coen.

It was so nice being able to go for a longer drive early this morning and not have to take the work phone with me.


Nemesis said...

From that shot, looks like you'll be scrub bashing if you want to go any further.

Gecko said...

The road is at the back of the airstrip, we had to stop a wee way further on due to large amounts of running water across the unfamiliar road.

Nemesis said...

I would imagine that not many folks would go traipsing around the countryside in the wet. In any case, a body can be certain of one thing, there's lot's of water around.

Spent a few months in Darwin during the wet, if you stand out in the rain, as I did, I reckon it's colder than a Nun's habit!

And that's saying something!

Enjoy you pics. Maybe you should send a few off to a nature magazine. Never know, you might make some money.

Have a great New Year Gecko.

Gecko said...

Thanks Nemesis :) I've managed to sell a few pics, but I don't have the confidence or marketing skills to do much about it. It's taken KG years to get me to put them on the net.
The wet hasn't arrived here yet, we're starting to get more frequent afternoon showers and we're waiting patiently for the thunder and lightning displays, we've only had few so far.
Have a happy, prosperous 2011.

Anonymous said...

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Gecko said...

Thank you Claudia :)