Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mad Eyes.

I do love Kookaburras!


Karen Howes said...

I remember a song I learned about kookaburras in elementary school, but this is the first time I know of that I've seen one. :-)

Gecko said...

These are very "Australian" Karen, they don't do very much, but they're very cute and apparently easy to tame.

Nemesis said...

They also help to keep the snake population down.

I used to have one visit every afternoon around 3pm. Almost set the clock by him. I used to leave scraps of meat on a post at the back fence, pretty soon there were two of them and then the Magpies turned up wanting their share as well as the Butcher birds.

By the time they sorted out who was going to get the freeby the ants were onto it! So in the end I had to stop it because it was causing far too many fights.

The Kooka is a fun bird to watch though!

KG said...

You mean Australians are cute and easy to tame?
Not this one. ;)

Gecko said...

We're having fun feeding them all, Currawongs, Kookaburras, Crows, Doves, Murray Magpies and the blue faced ones.