Thursday, 10 March 2011

Young Currawong.

These fellas have now taken to sitting on the verandah rail waiting for their bread allowance. I never thought birds could be so interesting or entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Ha Gecko, we now have bought a new bird feeder (the old one was falling to bits) We have also bought a special 'greenhouse' for the swan plants/monarchs to protect the plants from frosts and for next seasons hatching phase. So far have managed to hatch and release about 150 monarchs, still got 60 to go (at last count) there's tiny buggers keep appearing!

When it's raining I have Wax eyes feeding in the lounge couldn't believe it myself!

Hope things are good with you guys,

Gecko said...

Sounds like you've been busy Medusa! Things are good here, will send you a mail in the next couple of days :)