Monday, 3 November 2008

An Iris.

 I've spent (wasted) an awful lot of time trying to get a reasonable close up of one of these. This is one of the better ones!


Anonymous said...

All that time wasn't wasted. It just took a little longer to get that PERFECT shot!

Gecko said...

Why thank you Jay, and welcome:)

MathewK said...

Nice one Gecko. That new camera is really something, really compliments your good eye.

Can ya email this one through, but put your signature on the photo, so folks don't make the mistake of thinking i'm some sort of hotshot amateur photographer. :)

I'm thinking when i have pilfered enough of your pictures, i'll make it into a screensaver. Color this joint up a bit.

Gecko said...

Thanks a heap mk, she says grinning:)

I'll mail you this one later today. I've tried putting my signature on the photos, but I think it spoils them, besides, I trust you!