Saturday, 15 November 2008

Silhouetted Fence Line.

 This fence line is about a kilometre away.
please click on pic to enlarge.


Right Truth said...

I have not been using my camera much lately, my loss. You have some beautiful images, I especially like the fence and reflection in the water.

We live near the river, on a hill, with huge tall trees everywhere. I took some shots looking straight up toward the sky, beside a tree, and the result was really nice. It's fun taking pictures of all the critters, insects, flowers. No end to possibilities.

Thank you for your kind words earlier.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Gecko said...

Thank you Debbie, I'd love to see your tree photo, your place sounds lovely. It's amazing what critters are lurking in the garden, plus photography is very therapeutic.

MathewK said...

Digital photography eh, let's you play at little cost.

Gecko said...

mk, you tend to forget about the initial outlay. It's certainly cheaper than having to have your photos developed, only to find that they weren't worth the money or the inconvenience of sending them away ;)